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z6300doc.jpgThe z6300 is an electric auto-engine of the SNCF, it's a short version of the z6100. The z6300 was used first in 1967, it marked the Parisian landscape for fourty years.

The z6300 replaced the “standard” (z1500) used in the Paris'suburb. Its only engined bogie sometimes makes it slip.

z6300 are sent to province in 2003 once z20500 and z22500 are used on the Eastern suburb of Paris, just before an European directive forcing the door's closing when running. z6300 which were moved to Lorraine are equiped with automatic doors, they will be removed in 2008 before the arrival of TER 2n ng.

source : Wikipedia

Technical datas in Simutrans

vehicle speed power capacity weight gear energy

120 km/h 615 kW 165 passengers 38 t *1,4 electric
SNCF_z6300_ZRB 120 km/h 0 167 passengers 33 t *1 electric
SNCF_z6300_ZRABx 120 km/h 0 165 passengers 34 t *1 electric