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The X72500, nicknamed “X TER” (TER is the acronym for rural lines in France) or “vacuum”, are diesel trains running on French rural lines. Most of them are two elements units (90 units), others have a central car (15 units).

The trains had been ordered in 1994 by French regions and started serving in 1997. They were built to renew regional trains with polyvalent, fast and comfortable trains.

However, X72500 are badly noted for being recalled and modified between 1998 and 2000. Moreover they are too noisy for swiss standards, thus getting nicknamed “vacuum”.

source : Wikipedia

Technical datas in Simutrans

vehicle speed power capacity weight gear energy


160 km/h 1200 kW 172 passengers 58 t *1.25 diesel
SNCF_SP_X72500_remorque 160 km/h 0 156 passengers 43 t *1 diesel