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 +====== SNCF Class X 4500 ======
 +The SNCF **Class X 4500** diesel multiple units were built by ANF  between 1963-1970. The X4500 class are one of four classes of similar  design (X4300, X4500, X4630, X4750) known as "Caravelles" as when built  the engine sound reminded railwaymen of the contemporary French SE210  'Caravelle' jet airliner. X4500 are identical to the earlier Class X4300  except for having a different engine. The motor cars operate with  unpowered trailers from either class XR8300 or XR8500 depending on  seating demand. Most of the class has now been withdrawn. The last  examples (14 as at April 2009) work around Burgundy (Nevers depot).