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Belgian Trains

Information of info pages are mostly taken from wikipedia and from Trains d'Europe. Thanks to the authors of these pages.
Some objects might have been removed for some reasons. You can still find them in the archive page.

Diesel Regional Stock

Name Preview Information Download
AR41 2002-, Lieven SNCB_AR41.pak

Electric Regional Stock

Name Preview Information Download
AM96 1996-, Lieven SNCB_am96.pak
updated on 19/11/2017

Electric Locomotives

Name Preview Information Download
HLE18 Alsthom 1973-2009, Lieven SNCB_HLE18_Alsthom.pak
HLE12 1986-2026, Lieven SNCB_HLE12.pak
HLE13 1997-, Lieven SNCB_HLE13.pak
HLE18 Siemens 2010-, Lieven SNCB_HLE18_Siemens.pak


Name Preview Information Download
I6 Car 1977-1997, Lieven SNCB_I6.pak
Fourgon DMS 1981-2021, Lieven SNCB_DMS_all.pak
I10 Car 1987-2007, Lieven SNCB_I10.pak
I11 Car 1995- ,with pilot car, Lieven SNCB_I11.pak
Modernised M4 Car 1996-2026, Lieven SNCB_M4_modernisée.pak
Modernised I10 Car SNCB_I10_modernised 2000- , Lieven SNCB_I10_modernised.pak
M6 Car 2002-, with pilot car and PMR car, Lieven SNCB_M6_all.pak
updated on 25/03/2018