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Addons from SNFOS are made for pak128, you will find download information on [[en:Simutrans|this page]]. Addons from SNFOS are made for pak128, you will find download information on [[en:Simutrans|this page]].
-===== V.Install =====+===== V.Installing =====
-Once you downloaded Simutrans and at least one pakset, put the packed files in the folder where you want to install simutrans (often programs or program files in windows) then unpack them.+====== Windows ======
 +Once you have downloaded Simutrans and at least one pakset, put the compressed files in the directory you to have Simutrans installed in (commonly "program files" under Windows). Then, unpack these files.
-<WRAP help>To easily unpack or pack files/folders, you can use the free release of winrar or 7zip for example.</WRAP>+<WRAP help>In order to unpack a compressed file, you can use a free version of winrar or 7zip for instance.</WRAP>
 +Paksets must be placed in the directory called "simutrans". Then, launch Simutrans by its executable, it will create a directory in your documents to put savegames and other things in.
-The paksets have to be in simutrans folder. Then launch Simutrans by its executable so it will create a folder in your documents which will contain savegames and some other things.+<WRAP info>Several paksets can be used, Simutrans would ask at startup which pakset to load. Moreover, if you have addons [[en:installation_addons|installed correctly]], the game also asks if you want to load them.</WRAP>
 +<WRAP tip>Finally your installation directory "simutrans" should contain the executable, at least one pakset's folder, and some other folders and files.</WRAP>
-<WRAP info>It's possible to have several paksets at a time, the game will ask you which pakset to load at starting.</WRAP>+====== Linux ======
-<WRAP tip>To sum up: you must have an installation directory named "simutrans" with simutrans'executable file and at least one pakset directory inside it.</WRAP>+First, follow the same steps as for Windows (see the previous section), provided you downloaded a release for linux of course. 
 +Simutrans would ideally but unlikely run without problems. If you are experiencing problems, it's because some dependancies are missing. 
 +<WRAP important>The command lines presented later are adapted to Ubuntu, users of other distros should be able to do the necessary researches from these information to get things to work. If it's not the case, ask for help on Simutrans'forum or a help forum related to your distro. 
 +Anyway, given the diversity and the fast evolving nature of linux systems, these explanations may be not 100% up to date or accurate.</WRAP> 
 +If you have a 64 bits version of Linux and had to download a 32 bits version of Simutrans, you have to install a library allowing to run 32 bits programs under 64 bits system: 
 +  sudo apt-get install lib32z1 
 +Then, try to run Simutrans from a terminal and read the error messages you get, they tell you the missing libraries to install. 
 +<WRAP warning>A 32 bits version of Simutrans needs 32 bits versions of libraries, same goes for 64 bits. To install the 32 bits version of a package under a 64 bits ubuntu, add ":i386" at the end of the package's name.</WRAP> 
 +These are the two most commonly missing libraries and how to install them: 
 +  sudo apt-get install libbz2-1.0 
 +  sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2debian 
 +If you have to install them on a 64 bits linux for a 32 bits Simutrans, you have: 
 +  sudo apt-get install libbz2-1.0:i386 
 +  sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2debian:i386